FBomb NY flash fiction reading series: KGB

May 11th 7-9 pm

Book Review: “Peek”, Stories by Paul Beckman — Will Baumgartner-Author

Into the Lives of Others: Peek, Stories by Paul Beckman
If you’ve ever found yourself musing on the possible when it comes to the rest of the population —what’s the story behind that window across the street, or behind the eyes of the stranger you pass on another street—you’re likely to get a kick out of Peek, a decidedly urban collection of very short fictions by Paul Beckman. This book takes us there: through the windows, into the minds behind those eyes, onto commuter trains, into the apartments and hotel rooms, of these others who live in our world. There’s a temptation to call these stories “voyeuristic”, but that would be too easy, and could be somewhat misleading. Instead, let’s call them insightful.

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James Claffey Reviews The Best Small Fictions 2016

Eclectic, compelling, and in places uneven, The Best Small Fictions 2016 presents a wide-ranging take on flash fiction, taking the reader from the woods of Michigan to Minnesota’s I-35 on a journey through the finest short fictions of the past year. Amongst the stand-out pieces are Justin Lawrence Daugherty’s “A Thing Built to Fly is Not a Promise,” a wonderful meditation on life, death and war. Daugherty imagines Earhart alive and siren-like, searching for signs of rescue. The story surprises and delights and gives the Earhart legend a new and quirky look. Read more…

The Only Hope of the Jews

You’re sitting on your stoop thinking how much you hate the stoop, the building you live in with six side-by-side apartments (now called town houses) and the neighborhood. You hate the neighborhood because all of the stoops in all of the buildings and all of the wire fenced-in tiny yards smaller than a jail cell look alike and your fourteen-year old self can’t wait to get out of these projects and scrub the stigma off and live in a place where you don’t need the roach exterminator every month and head lice are the main pets for the little kids and on top of it all your family are the only Jews in all the buildings. Read more…