A Good Wife

I’m sharing this incredible story by Hillary Leftwich


by Hillary Leftwich 

A man respects a woman as much as she respects herself.

Evelyn sets her hair, allows her slip to fall over her body like a second skin. The silk is like warm flesh against her. She takes a moment to picture his hands on her, finishes getting dressed. She has dishes from her breakfast to wash. Barry, her fiancé, expects this to be done before she leaves. He is still sleeping, his body akimbo and half hidden by sheets, exposing certain parts. An arm here. A foot there. She considers kissing him briefly then dismisses the notion. She won’t wake him. By the time she leaves Barry’s house it is still early morning.

Always practice applying your lipstick in the mirror before you attempt this in public. No one wants to see a woman with sloppy makeup. A messy face is a messy wife.

Evelyn sits on…

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