PEEK by Paul Beckman

Thanks to Gay Degani & Heavy Feathedr for reviewing my book “PEEK”

Heavy Feather Review


Peek, by Paul Beckman. Boston, Massachusetts: Big Table Publishing, January 2015. 120 pages. $15.00, paper.

Picture a seven-year-old with a magnifying glass and a battalion of ants trooping along the sidewalk with contraband. The sun blazes down, a strong summer sun. Some of the ants burn up, some escape and immediately have regrets, while others stream off into lush grass, but all have exposed their essential tiny ant souls.

Paul Beckman wields such optical instruments as he sheds a short sharp light on character and story. The author’s curious and often careless characters quickly come into focus. Acts of spying, observing, snooping, inspecting, regarding, watching, and glancing find their way into most of the stories found in Peek, a perfect title for this humorous, touching, discomforting, and extremely intriguing collection.

It is necessary to begin with the author’s attention to the sense of sight, both the positive and…

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