Gay Degani wrote a beauty!


by Gay Degani

Jennifer, “Jen,” as she preferred to be called, used to meet her neighbor, Howard, in Rocketship Park. They made a game of it. She would be in her jogging clothes, her face glossy with sweat, and he’d be in a three-piece suit, his car parked in the Von’s parking lot down the street. Each would circle the grassy areas, Jen in her cool-down stage, and Howard in his wind-down from a day of selling premium real estate to Chinese students with millionaire parents.

In the deepest, darkest section of the park, set away from the red, white, and blue aluminum spaceship, they would pass each other, eyes locking, private parts galvanizing, and at openings in the high Indian Hawthorne that looped the park, each would duck inside. They came together in a rush, not shedding clothing, but shoving them aside as if cotton, latex, and polyester were…

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